Natural Cures for Depression

Depression is a condition which is commonly characterized by a feeling of not being happy, sadness and in some cases a person becomes miserable hence raising the question, how to overcome depression? There are various natural cures for depression that are available and when depressed, you can use one or some of them in combination as some boost each other (synergistic effect) in effectiveness when taken. They include the following:-

Natural Cures for DepressionDepression and apples; apples are effective natural cures that can be used when one is depressed (mental depression). Apples are rich sources of various nutrients/elements such as potassium, phosphorous, and vitamin B complex. These nutrients are necessary in the synthesis of glutamic acid. Glutamic acid plays a key role in the nervous system by controlling wearing and tearing of the nerve cells. When treating depression, it is recommended that apples be taken with honey as this will help in rejuvenating the nerve cells as a result helping the depressed person to overcome the symptoms of depression. It is recommended that apples be taken in the morning before taking any other meals or some minutes before and/or after meals during the day. Two to three apples per day will be able to clear depression symptoms.

Lemon Balm is another very common natural remedy that can be used to cure depression. This herb lemon is very effective in alleviating mental depression especially. Lemon balm is able to clear brain fatigue and at the same time raising the spirit by lifting the heart hence reducing and finally doing away with depression. The herb can be prepared by mixing some parts of the herb with some parts of cold water and be left to stand for about ten to twelve hours before sieving the infusion. Small amounts of the filtrate should be taken during the day as this will calm the nerves hence bringing depression to an end.

Cashew-nuts; as one of the natural cures for depression, cashew-nuts can be used in treating general depression and improving on the strength of the nerves. They are rich in vitamin B complex and it is these vitamins such as thiamine which are very useful in the stimulation of the nervous system and appetite as they are associated with decrease in symptoms of depression. These nuts are also rich sources of riboflavin which is essential in keeping the whole body active, energetic and most importantly cheerful hence decline the symptoms of depression.

Asparagus; this plant is highly nutritious which makes it find use in herbal medicine more particularly in the treatment of mental disorders. This is because asparagus has good tonic effect to the nerves and the brain and this can be achieved by taking few grams of the root that has been dried and made into a powder.

Diet; some foods are known to increase the symptoms of depression unlike others. Foods such as sweets, caffeine and alcohol will have a negative effect on the mood unlike foods that are rich in magnesium and vitamin B6 which will tone the nerves and bring relaxation to the body. Other natural cures for depression include: meditation, exercises and relaxation among others.

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